“I knew it was going to end badly at Barça”

Cristiano Ronaldo congratulates Maradona

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Diego Maradona celebrated his 60th birthday this October 30, receiving congratulations from all over the world and all kinds of personalities. Among them, who is considered his heir, Leo messi, on which ‘El Pelusa’ wanted to comment, for its recent attempt to leave FC Barcelona at the end of last August.

“I knew this was going to end badly and I thought Leo was leaving. It happened to me too. Barcelona it’s not an easy club and he has been there for many years and they did not treat him as he deserved. He gave them everything, took them to the top and one day he wanted to go out to change of scene and they said no, “he said.

However, he broke a trick in favor of the club, making it clear that it is not as simple as the player posing to leave. “What happens is that slamming the door is not easy, there is a contract, a very big club, people who love you. I didn’t do it at Napoli “.

In Naples precisely, it was where Maradona lived his best years and where he received more affection from the fans. Both towards them and towards football he wanted to show his gratitude.

“I went and I am very happy. Soccer gave me everything I have, more than I ever imagined. And if I hadn’t had that addiction I could have played a lot more. But today that’s past, I’m fine and what I regret the most is not having my parents “

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