to the crisis in League and social joins the threat of an imminent bankruptcy

Tusquets, president of the FC Barcelona Management Company.

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The FC Barcelona He only finds consolation, for now, in the Champions League, because everything else is going wrong. The draw against Alavés It was the fourth game in LaLiga without winning, where they have only added 2 points out of the last 12 possible. With the Real Madrid 8 and one less game, the ‘whir’ about the Koeman project.

The situation is not much better in the offices. The resignation of Josep María Bartomeu has opened an electoral process that will have to decide sooner rather than later the manager they have placed in the hands of Carles tusquets, businessman and financier who already has started with the purge of those who consider that they may be to blame for the current situation.

Under these two storms one sporty and one social, fly over one that can be much more serious in the short term: the economy. FC Barcelona is at a time of financial restructuring that has forced a negotiation between the first-team footballers (who take the largest amount of their budgets) and the managers to una drop in salaries of almost 30% of the total.

The reduction in income derived from the pandemic has caused an ultimatum that, according to RAC1, has a deadline: either a salary cut of 190 million is achieved before November 5, or there will be a bankruptcy. The culés coffers are not far from in a good situation, and many point out that the exploitation model is largely to blame.

Tusquets himself admitted it in his first appearance as interim president of Barça: “Our main concern is economic. The pandemic is affecting Barcelona especially. The club depends on tourism and now there isn’t. We have to collect the ideas of the previous meeting to remedy the ills that affect us. “

Messi, against Jota Peleteiro during Alavés - Barcelona

The big clubs always move in swampy tides economically, but as long as the sporting successes arrive, nobody usually cares. The problem is that, now, the ball does not enter as many times as it should (the data against Alavés is devastating: 22 shots on target for one goal) and the points are lost.

And all this, with a horizon in which it is seen as a more than real possibility that Leo messi, flag and banner of the team, leave the club next summer …

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