“Every year we went from bad to worse and now the club is as is”

FC Barcelona - Dynamo Kiev

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Gerard Piqué came out to speak after the victory of FC Barcelona before him Dynamo Kiev, and in addition to talking about the meeting, he summarized how the social situation of the club is living in these months, which have led to the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

From his words, always clear, a feeling emerges that weighed on the minds of many players: the former president had to leave as soon as possible to regain peace. “The club is as it is right now. There is a process of many changes that were necessary. We needed to turn this around. It was obvious that the trend was decreasing and every year we were a little worse,” he admitted.

In this sense, Piqué admitted that what they need is time they don’t have. “In Barcelona there is never a transition year. There is a new Board and with it there will be changes in the coming months,” he predicted.

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The situation is by no means the best in football. Although they have signed a plenary session in the Champions League so far, in the League they have a four-game streak without winning, something that has complicated their lives a lot against Real Madrid who seems to have regained his step and a Real society that continues with a good dynamic to give the bell. In part, it is this social crisis that has led to a football crisis.

“In Champions we are in a good dynamic, but in LaLiga you have to give it a spin“admitted a Piqué” convinced “that they will.” There are new, young people who bring dynamism to the team, “said the veteran defender.

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