Messi’s idiocy at the end of the match against Dinamo unleashes mockery and La Resistencia already sees him near Atleti

Dani Martín, in 'The Resistance'

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One of the most commented images of the match between FC Barcelona and Dinamo Kiev had to Messi as the protagonist. With the regulation time already fulfilled, in the discount, the scene showed the Argentine walking while a rival passed him with the ball.

Without the context of the play (on the verge of the end, with a 2-1 already sentenced, in the center of the field …), it could seem that Messi’s attitude is not the best, especially at the moment when Barça is. The Argentine faces (except change of decision) his last season as a Blaugrana, and many are those who point to him as one of the problems that have become entrenched.

Beyond the brainy sports analyzes that can be made about this image, the jokes and memes have not been long in coming. Álex Pinacho, community manager of La Resistencia and Modern life (both presented by David broncano), has been one of the most belligerent (humorously speaking) about it. From the program account Movistar + remembered the talk they had with Dani Martín, about the possibilities of seeing Messi at Atlético. “Atleti is getting closer and closer,” they said from the program, to which the musician replied with “That’s done.”

Harder (and eloquent) were from the La Ser program, which directly described it in a very graphic way synonymous with vaguería. Many other users used it for their purposes: an F1 podcast who has just returned to broadcasting after several years missing, a madridista journalist who takes advantage to give them a stick, a critic of the government Or simply users who wanted to laugh they made memes about the situation.

Just like Messi and Barça it makes him less funny, given the situation they are going through.

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