“It cannot be that the best footballer in history is unhappy”

Tusquets, president of the FC Barcelona Management Company.

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Victor Font, candidate to preside over FC Barcelona, ​​has announced his first incorporation to the club culé if he reaches the throne: Toni Nadal.

The one who was Rafa Nadal’s coach and brother of Miguel AngelA former Blaugrana defender in the 90s, he has been a member of the team for many years and has accepted Font’s proposal with the desire to contribute from his offices.

“For five years we have been working to build a Board of Directors that has relevant experience to make strategic decisions for the Club,” explained Font, who directs a candidacy called ‘Sí al Futur’. “It is an honor to be able to have a Barcelona partner like Toni to face the challenges of the perfect storm before us, “he promised.

Although it is not clear what his role in the club will be, whatever Rafa Nadal’s right hand points out that he is very excited to be linked to Barcelona from within. “As a member, it is an honor to be proposed to be part of a project to work for Barça. It is more than a club. It represents a feeling. When I go to see the team I want them to represent me. I would like to create a model where all Barça players, from training, they knew that they not only play a sport but that they represent Barça “, he said.

Gerard Piqué and Ousmane Dembélé during Dynamo Kiev-Barcelona

One of your key points will be to convince Leo messi and, above all, guarantee that he is happy: “It cannot be that the best footballer in history is unhappy and wants to leave. We have to create a climate so that he feels comfortable“He promises. Besides, he has broken a spear in favor of Ronald Koeman, now that he is going through a sea of ​​doubts in the League.

“I have in mind that Ronald Koeman made us European champions with his goal. Barça, under the Dutch hand, has improved a lot and the image is good. The team is playing better than we expected. For me, they are doing things good “, settled on the matter.


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