Dembélé’s uncle is arrested for document falsification after his car catches fire

The former president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, in the trial

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Malick Dembele, uncle of the FC Barcelona player, Ousmane Dembélé, has been arrested by the Barcelona Urban Guard, as reported by El País, citing official sources, after submit false documentation after an incident with his car.

The electric Audi in which he was driving it burned on the afternoon of this Friday and, after the fire was extinguished by the firefighters and the authorities required his papers, the ones he offered were false.

Witnesses were alerted that a car that was circulating in the Ronda de Dalt had sparks coming from the engine, creating a fire that was more and more that forced him to stop on the shoulder, where he was helped by nearby people, police sources report.

Firefighters were alerted when they identified two cylinders in Dembélé’s car, which ended up being helium, a gas that, fortunately, is not flammable.

The photo did not correspond with him“, said the police sources, even though they did know the data indicated in the documentation. According to El País, the agents suspected that Dembélé wanted hide your traffic ticket history, mostly due to speeding, and that has been Without points on the card.

Finally, he showed his real passport and has been arrested for a crime of document forgery, although it is expected that he will be released after taking a statement.

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