Javier Tebas asks the candidates for the Barça presidency to put aside the independence movement

Minute of silence at Real Madrid - Atlético in honor of Kobe Bryant.

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Javier Tebas has analyzed the news of LaLiga in the ‘Marca Sports Weekend’, in which they have brought together a large number of people linked to the sport, and has shown their concern about the economic problems facing the competition.

“We have excess spending of around € 500 million, because the clubs cannot take out the players with the contracts. An exercise has been made to reduce the wage bill. If we had planned to enter 45% of ticketing and it is not going to be like that, the clubs are exceeded by 500 million euros, “admits Tebas.

In this sense, he points out that “Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid …” are the most affected. “To end the season, Spanish football would lack a few 490 million euros to pay for club expenses. But it doesn’t happen to everyone. We have detected 17 clubs, some are missing 100 million and others, three; but maybe the one with three million is worse than the other. We are working to see how we fix it, “he says.

“To end the season, Spanish football would lack about 490 million euros to pay the club expenses”

Kroos and Messi help each other lift each other up during the Classic.

Tebas also criticizes the prohibition of the advertising of betting houses, and points out that “instead of prohibiting it should be regulated”. In addition, a 90 million loss figure for LaLiga, which means that “talent will be lost in the championship.” However, even if that talent is lost to the possible departure of Messi or Sergio Ramos, remember that they have remained alive despite the departure of others such as Cristiano Ronaldo. “We have not noticed it and Serie A, either. He left Neymar PSG and Ligue 1 is still Ligue 1. Spanish football has managed to be above the names of the players, “he defended.

In the coming months he will establish a new relationship with the next Barcelona board of directors, and all the candidates have asked the same: “Leave the issue of independence to one side.”

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