Javier Bordas uncovers the secrets of the frustrated signings of Mbappé and Neymar: “We were very close”

Ousmane Dembélé, in his car

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Javier Bordas, former director of FC Barcelona as part of the Josep María Bartomeu board, has granted an interview to Mundo Deportivo where he has revealed some stories of the transfer market that could have completely changed the recent history of the club: the signing of Mbappé and the return of Neymar.

One of the big rumors of the summer of 2017 in which Neymar left FC Barcelona to start his adventure at Paris Saint-Germain was the arrival of Kilyan Mbappé at Camp Nou to be the heir to the Brazilian. The Frenchman exploded in a historic season with Monaco winning Ligue 1, breaking the Parisian hegemony.

However, the Barça sports management He preferred to sign Ousmane Dembélé, after standing out at Borussia, and Bordas spoke about that choice. “Robert preferred Dembélé and Pep Segura supported him. The explanation was that Mbappé plays for him and Dembélé plays for the team. And since a winger like Ney left, Robert preferred a winger more than a finisher, “explained the former director.

In fact, Bordas admitted that Barça had the signing of Mbappé closed. “When we were to sign Dembélé, Minguella called me to tell us that Mbappé was within reach. I called his father and he told me I was not going to Madrid because Cristiano, Benzema and Bale were there and instead he could go to Barça because Neymar was not there. Monaco preferred him to go to Barça so as not to reinforce PSG, a direct rival. Y for 100 million it could have been done“, he assured.

Key in the negotiations for Neymar

Another bombshell that could have been and was not in which Bordas was very involved was the return of Neymar to Barça. The former manager and the player’s environment have always had a good relationship and that was key for the Brazilian to be predisposed to return.

Neymar laments after the Champions League final.

“I went personally and we really wanted him to come, We try in every possible way. We were very close. We got PSG to make us an offer when they never accepted anything for Verratti or Marquinhos or Thiago Silva … It is not a selling club and take away the figure … We were so close that Neymar thought he was coming, me too, he was about“, Explain.

However, remember that the key factor that prevented the transfer was money. “There was a difference of money that his father put, but the clubs did not agree at the time of closing the operation. But we were very close to bringing it, it was our idea. I think that Messi still has the aftertaste that he could have brought and was not brought. But what happened to the virus has already been seen, We still make that economic effort and now we would be worse“.

“In football there are times when you have to get it right and Neymar was key, but the financial part of the club was worried. It was an issue in the economic area. They put a cap on and you couldn’t go beyond there. Some players proposed to postpone part of their salary so that Neymar could return. Although all the salary had to be lowered enough so that it squared at the level of Fair Play and LaLiga, “he continues to add.

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Bordas wanted to emphasize the player’s willingness to return to Barcelona, ​​willing to sacrifice his salary and, of course, putting aside his legal problems with the club. “The two times that Neymar could return he gave up a lot of money. It is contradictory to having lawsuits with him but it is another issue. There are no players like Neymar. He was wrong when he wanted to leave, we tried to convince him, and after a while he came and said that his home was Barça and that he wanted to return. The lawsuits would have been removed“, he sentenced

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