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Continue the controversy over the relationship between Messi and Griezmann, after the Argentine’s landing in Barcelona came with turbulence, but already on the ground. The captain of Barça he was very angry and “tired of being the problem of everything in the club”, as he himself admitted, having been asked about his relationship with the French.

This came back to the fore in recent days, after the former French agent assured that “Messi is the regime of terror, or you are with him or you are against him”. However, it has little to do with Barça’s ‘7’, since the relationship between the two ended in 2017, when Griezmann still played for Atlético.

Yet it mattered little to a group of fans that that Thursday they went to the exit of the sports city of FC Barcelona to rebuke the forward French when he was already marching in his car, in some unfortunate images. “Messi is respected“they yelled at Griezmann, who ignored the comments.

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