The continuity of Guardiola brings Messi closer to Manchester City

Messi didn't really want to talk to the reporters who were waiting for him when he landed at the El Prat airport from the games with Argentina. It was not just because he continues with his scoring drought with his team, but because when he got off the plane he found an unpleasant surprise: a tax inspector was waiting for him."I just arrived after 15 hours and I found a person from the Treasury there doing an inspection. Crazy...", he lamented to the media, which explained his 'snort' when they questioned him about the complaints of Antoine Griezmann's environment.

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The time when Leo messi he was happier as a player of the Barçapossibly occurred when Pep Guardiola he was on the bench. The affection and mutual admiration that they profess resulted in the historic sextet, and it is not by chance that years later their paths may meet again far from the city of Barcelona.

Messi is no longer at ease in Barcelona. The best demonstration was the anger that was caught as soon as he arrived from Argentina, when he criticized not only that he was blamed for all the club’s problems in relation to the criticisms of Griezmann’s environment, but also for finding the Treasury waiting for him. The problems with the Spanish treasury they are a nightmare for the captain culé, that feels persecuted.

The output of Josep Maria Bartomeu, guilty of Messi being half a foot out of the club by 2021 as he himself admitted this summer, has only postponed the inevitable debate: will he renew or will he fulfill his promise to leave next summer?

We must not ignore that Messi is defending the elastic Blaugrana this season because he refused to sue the club of his life in which he has become a legend, almost forced by circumstances. Having broken the rope, the Manchester City it was raised as his first choice.

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Guardiola awaits him with open arms

Pep Guardiola

Although Guardiola always said that he was not going to take Messi away from Barcelona because he does not want to harm them, if the footballer is free, it will not make you disgusted.

Both spoke last summer, when the Argentine announced his intention to leave the Blaugrana team and City accepted to welcome him willingly … as long as his departure from Barça was peaceful. They did not want a battle between the entities, and even less did Guardiola want it, who has enormous affection for the team that gave him the most success as a footballer and as a coach.

Now what Pep has renewed two more seasons, Messi has opened the sky. Meeting the coach who made him explode as a footballer is a dream and, at the same time, a challenge that attracts him a lot. In the City he would not only have him, but also his good friend the Kun Aguero, if it finally follows, since his contract ends in June 2021.

The challenge of the next president of Barcelona

Convincing Messi to sign a new contract will be the great challenge for the future president of Barcelona. One of the candidates, Victor Font, you have in your project Xavi Hernandez as a coach, which can be a key trick in convincing the ’10’ to hold out.

Messi and Casemiro, during Real Madrid - Barcelona

Another issue is that they can pay you what you ask for, since currently Barça is in a critical economic situation. His salary cap has been cut by almost half, and Messi takes a good cut. Saving the record of the best soccer player in his history can be such a good business economically as to make up for his loss in football. Explaining it to the fans without causing riots will be another matter.

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