“We feared it at some point”

Naples fans unfurl a Maradona flag.

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The passing of Maradona for him FC Barcelona between 1982 and 1984 it was not as fruitful as the Catalans would have liked, but it left its mark. In the culé dressing room, two of his best friends were Julio Alberto Moreno (Asturias, 1958), historical defense with which Diego made great crumbs on and off the field, Y Carrasco Wolf (Alcoy, 1959), who wanted to share their emotions on this day.

Retired from all public activity, the one from Candás was caught unexpectedly by the news, although unfortunately it was not a total surprise. Years later they maintained a great friendship, at a distance, although they met very little at the Camp Nou.

“It’s the worst news the one we received today with the death of our friend Diego. The truth is that we feared him at some point, and in recent months his health was very delicate, due to a hip, a knee and some setbacks that he had and that we are suffering and suffering, “he admits in the video he has sent us.

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Far from wanting to delve into the controversial dissolute life that Diego led, Julio Alberto stays with what he enjoyed with and about Maradona.

“I have met the best Diego in the world, Diego who raised stadiums, who made people vibrate, who shared, who was supportive, kind, generous … That is the Diego that I will remember, “says the former defense, on the verge of tears A hug, friend “.

“I have met the best Diego in the world, the Diego who built stadiums, who made people vibrate, who shared, who was supportive, kind, generous …”

Lobo Carrasco: “I cry inside, like all Argentina but I will stand tall with his strength”

For his part, a bankrupt Carrasco Wolf He recalled the goodness of Maradona as a teammate and his incredible talent as a player: “” I find it difficult to say words for those who did what they wanted with the ball, caught it, dribbled everyone … He made me super happy because the colleagues who were with him left a wonderful memory, always faithful to his football family “.

“I cry inside like all of Argentina and the whole world of football, but I will stand tall with the strength that he always had. Thank you, Diego,” he added.

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