The candidate Emili Rousaud promises to sign two stars for Barça and is negotiating the return of Neymar

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The candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona Emili rousaud, former vice president of the club in the previous term of Josep Maria Bartomeu, explained this Thursday at the launch of his project ‘Els millors, al Barça!’ (‘The best, at Barça!’) That is negotiating the return of Neymar to the club.

“We need to have one or two franchise players. Twe work on bringing two absolutely top players. When he withdraws the lawsuits against Barça, our candidacy is working on a possible return of Neymar“, he announced at a press conference.

“We wait announce shortly the name of the second franchise player, which will not leave anyone indifferent. We have a direct line with the player, “he contributed in the face of a second name that was saved.

On the other hand, he expressed that his intention is for the club to “take care of its idols”, following the example of Bayern Munich. “If we win, we want to have Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta and to propose to them a firm and highly relevant link with the club, the team and La Masia, “he said, despite the fact that Xavi would be, in principle, a member of Victor Font’s pre-candidacy.

Another ‘bomb’ was intended rename the Blaugrana stadium in honor of the captain, Leo Messi. “Messi is present and living history of world football and Barça. We will propose, in Assembly, that the stadium be renamed ‘Camp Nou Leo Messi’,” he said.

As for its continuity or not, he was cautious. “Messi’s future is in his own hands. His contract ends this season and he can make the decision to leave the club’s discipline. You will have to talk to him and see if an agreement can be reached, without ignoring the financial situation. It would be necessary to see if we can bring positions closer, “he acknowledged.

It is clear that he will build the football team from the base of the technical direction. Y has technical director. “We have contacted various technical directors, and the results of the last five years guarantee that we have spoken with the best. We have an agreement for him to join the club and build the team for next season. We hope to announce it shortly,” he said. .

Asked by the current coach, Ronald Koeman, he pointed out that the technical director they have tied had other plans, although these were made before the arrival of the Dutchman, when Quique Setién was the occupant of the Blaugrana bench. Now, ask for patience and success for Koeman.

“Our support for Koeman is absolute and total, we want him to have many successes, which will be those of Barcelona. But if one day it is necessary to address the arrival of a new coach, our technical director already has a name and is currently training one of the best teams in the world, “he added.

Tusquets, president of the FC Barcelona Management Company.

Rousaud is clear that her project is based on a tripled concept: “This candidacy has three challenges: remaking the team, rebuilding the economy and remaking the club.” And this to, in two years, have the best team in the League and be among the favorites for the ‘Champions’, and be a “champion team.”

To remake the club, you have to remake the team. With a champion team, revenue skyrockets. In two years, you have to be the best in the League and be among the three favorites for the Champions League, there is no other way and we will bring the best players back to Barça, “he stressed.

And why did you decide to take this step? For “enthusiasm, commitment and experience”. “Illusion to lead a team and a project to rebuild the team, the economy and the club. Commitment to my fellow members that I will leave my skin to make Barça the first team in the world. And from experience, years in the world of the company, I founded Factor Energía from zero, “he recalled.

“This guarantees management capacity, and I have been the last five years at the service of my dear Barça, I know the house and it allows me to assess the changes to be made to reach the goal of being the best club in the world again, “he added.

As for his resignation, he has no regrets about it. “In April I resigned from the vice presidency institutional knowledge that the club’s values ​​had been violated by ‘BarçaGate’, a network management with opacities, which led me to make this traumatic decision. I said enough as soon as that question was thrown behind my back, “he was honest.

“I had been chosen by the previous Board as the dolphin of a possible continuation candidacy, but when I made the decision to resign that was broken. I took a period of reflection. With the 2-8 or the Messi case, I decided to give this I have passed and I have been working on this candidacy. It is time to open a new stage and turn the page to the last year and a half of Bartomeu’s stage “, he concluded.

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