Barça and the players agree to a salary cut of 122 million this year and 50 more in variables in the next three

Messi and Casemiro, during Real Madrid - Barcelona

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The Management Board that carries the designs of FC Barcelona Until the next elections and the representatives of the players of the men’s soccer team have reached an agreement to undertake a salary cut to help clean up the club’s accounts.

LaLiga had already warned that, with the losses presented by the previous board that he chaired Josep Maria Bartomeu, yielded a 47% margin to spend on its staff, which forced to put a strong snip to avoid a possible bankruptcy.

That cut already has figures: the players have accepted a reduction in the salary bill this season from 122 million euros, which will be joined by a progressive 50 million in the variables of the next three campaigns.

“Today the parties have reached an agreement in principle that allows an adjustment to the salary cost of the current season, for an amount of 122 million fixed remuneration, to which is added the deferral for 3 years of variable remuneration this season, budgeted at an approximate figure of 50 million euros, “they explain.

Piqué, FC Barcelona player

Some players, like Gerard Piqué, they had already reached an agreement on their own with a substantial reduction of their claims in their latest renovation. Others, however, have yet to decide. This cut represents a serious problem for the next Blaugrana president in the face of negotiations for Leo Messi to stay.

The Argentine is, by far, the one who charges the most of the entire culé squad, with a annual salary close to 100 million. Although he has always said that money is not a problem, this salary reduction that they have approved can lead to either a substantial cut in the salaries of the Barcelona captain or directly in a setback for the arguments of the next directive to convince him to continue.

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