Quique Setién denounces Barça for breach of contract

The Barcelona coach, during the historic defeat of Barcelona.

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The war between Quique Setién and FC Barcelona has no end. Although it seemed that the separation had calmed the spirits, the Cantabrian technician does not forgive that he they will take just six months after having booked him, so he has decided to take another step and has denounced them for breach of contract.

This is how ‘Catalunya Radio’ has advanced it, which points out that the coach does not accept what Barcelona has paid him in terms of settlement and compensation, since it does not comply with what they had agreed, so it has taken a further step in its request.

Apneas a few days ago, the members of the coaching staff that Setién took to Barcelona, ​​with the controversial Eder Sarabia at the head, they reached an agreement with the club, with which, unlike the first coach, they were on payroll until November 6.

In his farewell letter, Sarabia assures that they had suffered a serious “degradation” for months, so he is glad to have solved it.

Messi, during the match between Barça and Dinamo Kiev

Setién’s decision to denounce Barcelona comes in the middle of the electoral process, with a club in the midst of an institutional and economic crisis like never before in its history.

The salary cut that the players have accepted comes to alleviate, in part, this problem, although it is only one of the fronts that the entity has open.

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