Joan Laporta presents his project with his friendship with Messi to try to continue it as a great electoral asset

Joan Laporta presents his project with his friendship with Messi to try to continue it as a great electoral asset

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Joan Laporta He came on stage this Monday with an image far removed from the one that led him to the presidency of FC Barcelona in 2003 as leader of the ‘Elefant Blau’ platform. The one who was the maximum leader of the Blaugrana until 2010 presented his candidacy with a conciliatory, united message, far from that much more incisive and incendiary Laporta of almost 20 years ago. Of course, what he did want to make clear is that his great objective is for the club to “recover its glorious stage”, the one that began with his mandate and that already seems too far away in a club involved in a myriad of extra-sports problems.

Although undoubtedly the most awaited moment was in which he spoke of Leo Messi, a player who debuted during his presidency and to whom a good friendship still joins him. “Messi wants Barça and I’m sure he will give Barça a chance“said Laporta, who admitted she hasn’t spoken to him yet.

“We respect and love each other, that’s my relationship with Messi”

“Nobody can have doubts that Messi wants Barça. We respect and love each other, that’s my relationship with him. This summer he wanted to leave, he was very disappointed in how he had been treated. I don’t go into it. But, I insist, I see myself capable, because of the affection we have for each other, of having a conversation with him to help him decide and make it the best for Barça and for him.

Laporta recalled an anecdote about Leo, from when Inter tried to sign him. “In 2006 Moratti came to sign him and they gave us 250 million, and they paid him a death of money. There I saw his affection for Barça. The father asked me, I just want you to tell me what you would do as a father. And I told him that the best thing was to stay at Barça “.

The best thing for him is to wait to see who wins and what proposal is made. from Barça. With a good proposal, I think Messi would choose Barça. He knows us, me, and knows how we treat players. If I’m proud of something, it’s that He told me: ‘everything you’ve told me has come true’“said Laporta, who plays the card of his friendship with Leo to attract a good number of votes.

Koeman and Xavi

With respect to Ronald Koeman continuity In the event that he wins the elections, Laporta opened the door to a man he considers a symbol. «It’s Barça history, I was at Wemble and when they gave us the first European Cup. Koeman deserves respect, he is a great of the Barça and has the margin that his contract allows. We have to be predisposed to do it well. He has not had an easy ballot, but he has margin and he is our coach, with a contract, “he explained.

Yes, Laporta acknowledged that he would like Guardiola to return someday. “We would like Pep to return to Barça one day, and hopefully if I am lucky enough to win, one day I can do it again with Pep. But now it was clear to me that neither he nor Txiki Begiristain was an option,” he added.

Too Laporta referred to Xavi Hernández, the great asset of what seems to be his great rival for the presidency, Víctor Font. “Xavi is one of the references in which the young people of La Masia should be reflected, he knows a lot about football, he has focused his life on football and I am convinced that one day his wishes will be fulfilled at Barça.”

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