The other ‘Messi’ who were not sanctioned for taking off their shirt in a celebration

Messi with the '10' of the Barça and Newell's

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Leo messi it was admonished in the last meeting of FC Barcelona against Alavés for the celebration of his last goal in LaLiga. After scoring the fourth goal in the culé win, He took off his Barça shirt to show the ’10’ of Newell’s Old Boys that Maradona wore, a tribute to Pelusa and a nod to the other club shared by the two legends of Argentine football.

As dictated by the regulations in the Article 111.h of the current Disciplinary Code, Mateu Lahoz showed the yellow card to the Barça captain for taking off his shirt. The regulations indicate that a player will be cautioned “when on the occasion of the celebration of a goal the footballer takes off his shirt or raises it over his head, as well as when I perch on the fence that surrounds the field of play “.

However, in recent years there have been several times the referees have turned a blind eye whereas the end, in this case, justifies the means. Something that Mateu Lahoz did not consider on this occasion, but that the Competition or Appeal committees could revoke, especially in view of these precedents.

Sergio Ramos and Antonio Puerta (2007)

Two years after Sergio Ramos come to Real Madrid, his great friend Antonio Puerta died suddenly shortly after a match between Sevilla and Getafe. The one from Camas, in the white team’s win against Villarreal that season, took off his merengue shirt to show another one underneath: “Door, bro, DEP, we won’t forget you”. After being cautioned, Competition canceled the card considering it as “sincere homage, the friendly memory of a brother as he calls him, who died in his youth.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Madeira (2010)

A few years later, the island of Madeira was shaken by floods that hit the population and the infrastructure of the place hard. In this case, it was Cristiano Ronaldo, a native of the city in question, lifted his shirt to show his support with the word ‘Madeira‘written in another that he had underneath, coincidentally, in another win against Villarreal. In this case, the The referee did not even admonish the Portuguese but he did record in the minutes “a peaceful gesture of brotherhood and solidarity with his fellow citizens.”

José Callejón and Dani Jarque (2010)

In the following season, the then Espanyol footballer, Jose Callejon, celebrated the victory goal against Almería by showing a shirt that honored the late Dani Jarque, former parakeet captain, who died in the summer of 2009. In this case, the referee did not admonish the blue and white player either and stated in the minutes of the match that Callejón “he slightly lifted his shirt showing a shirt underneath with an unidentified screen-printed face“. However, Competition sanctioned, but Appeal returned to clean the striker justifying that” there is only the intention to remember a deceased teammate.

Andreas Pereira and the Chapecoense (2016)

The most recent, that of Andreas pereira in 2016, when he played for Granada and scored in a match against Sevilla and wanted to remember those who died in the fateful plane crash in Chapecoense, where he lost his friend Matheus Biteco. The referee of that match sanctioned him for showing a shirt with the message ‘Force Plate‘, but once again the Committee withdrew the yellow for being “disproportionate and contrary to other precedents.”

In the absence of the Competition Committee or the Appeals Committee, Messi received his third yellow of the season, with Mateu Lahoz following the regulations correctly. Now it remains to be seen if both committees adhere to the decision of the referee or if they coincide with their past actions and withdraw the card from the Argentine.

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