Cádiz is confirmed as a giant killer and wins a sinking Barcelona

Barcelona bus on arrival in Cádiz

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The FC Barcelona in League it is not the Champions League. The phrase, by Sergio Busquets, perfectly sums up what was seen in Ramón de Carranza, since the culé team looked like another when it was defeated, and there are four in eleven games played.

The Cadiz already beat Real Madrid andhas knocked down Barcelona by a 2-1 that uncovered the culés shame. The objective of the Alvaro Cervera placeholder image (who received the injunction of his expulsion hours before and was able to lead the game at halftime) was clear: win and show that Madrid was not the sun of a day.

And so much so that Cádiz looked for the bell, as in minute 7 he was already winning. It was due to a set piece, something that is not his strong suit, when in a corner a ball rejected at point-blank range from Ter Stegen ended up in the boots of Alvaro Gimenez to score on the goal line 1-0.

With the scoreboard against, Barça tried to turn their usual possession into a goal and the connection between Dest Y Messi, very active in his return to eleven, although time and again they ran into Ledesma, who made more typical handball goalkeeper saves.

The siege culé, sooner or later, was going to have a prize although they needed some luck. Messi received in the small area, broke two rival defenses with a jog on a tile, yielded to Jordi Alba and he crossed … with such fortune for him that the ball hit Alcala and diverted the pass to the net, with Ledesma on the wrong foot.

Barcelona’s self-confidence in its quality, many times, takes its toll, and what is seen in the next play is the best proof. Worthy of the Marx Brothers: Jordi Alba took out of band Lenglet, the boat confused him and he let the ball pass, which surprised Ter Stegen… and it happened there Alvaro negredo to dribble a defender and score 2-1 just on the first ball he touched in the game. Anfield’s corner with Liverpool? More or less the same.

Barcelona’s solution was the same bet: go all up. Ledesma left Messi without a draw with a safe stop of a shot that could have been 2-2, and that in the next play could have been 3-1, when Adekaye he galloped to the front, though his shot went far. Pjanic He tried it too, but his shot went into the water.

Lenglet tries to control the ball under pressure from Fede Valverde.

A foul in the edge of the area on Messi gave Barcelona the penultimate chance, but his ball crashed into a defender. The last was a corner, which did not work either and the blunder culé was confirmed, which sinks in the League: is 12 points behind the leader.

Cádiz, meanwhile, will sleep after the match in fifth position and the feeling that they aspire to finish in the top zone of the table.

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