Neymar will meet up with his friend Messi in the Champions League … before being teammates again?

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Neymar and Messi They have a great relationship despite not being partners for a few years. The Brazilian and the Argentine compliment each other whenever they can, something that until recently used to be a sign that the current soccer player of the PSG was approaching Barcelona… But the situation has changed.

Since Messi will declare war to the already resigned director of Josep María Bartomeu, from time to time the name of the Parisian team jumps as a possible destination for him. The sheikh’s financial muscle Al-Khelaifi makes him one of the few capable of taking on a token of the size of Messi’s, although he would still have to haggle over control of the financial ‘fair play’ to get hold of him … or sell to one of your cracks.

Whenever he can, Neymar throws the cane at his friend. Not ten days before they were lucky enough to be rivals in the Champions League, the Brazilian openly said that next year he wants to play with him. This statement has a double reading, even more so just under a month for the elections to the presidency of Barça: Either Ney wants to wear Barça again (something that was already tried in 2019), or Messi can approach Paris.

  • Rafaella Santos, her father and Neymar.

The Brazilian is not the only friend Messi has on the PSG squad. Angel Di MariaFor example, he is one of the best partners of the ’10’ in the Argentine national team, although both have been more rivals than partners in the club competitions in which they have faced each other.

Wink to Messi after the draw

The Brazilian winger will want get revenge of Barcelona, ​​against which he has filed several lawsuits, in the best way, eliminating them from the Champions. But against whom he has nothing to take revenge, it is Leo Messi, who was pointed out as guilty of Neymar’s departure for obscuring his progress.

The Parisian ’10’ wanted to send a message to the Argentine on social networks, anxious about their confrontation. “See you soon my friend“he posted on Instagram.

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