“I want to see you again”

Joan Laporta in his presentation as a candidate for the Barça elections.

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Joan Laporta wants to go back to Santiago Bernabeu to live a Classical live, but again as president of the FC Barcelona. Aware of what removes the rivalry with him Real Madrid, his campaign team has chosen precisely the Paseo de la Habana, near the Castellana, of the Madrid capital to unfold a gigantic canvas with a message to the whites.

“I want to see you again” is the motto of this action that has surprised passersby and drivers who have taken the Castellana in the direction of Plaza de Colón. Many of them have not missed the opportunity to take photos of such action.

He himself has shared two images of the canvas, with an eloquent #Hello Madrid as text.

Madrid is a key point for Barça fans. The Spanish capital is, after Catalunya, the second point with the highest concentration of culés fans from all over Spain. Not surprisingly, it is one of the ten voting venues for the January 24 elections, along with the Camp Nou-Barcelona, ​​Girona, Tarragona, Tortosa, Lleida, Valencia, Seville, Palma de Mallorca and Andorra la Vella.

Laporta, like the other eight candidates, are still in the pre-campaign, since they officially have to get 2,237 signatures to be considered full candidates to preside over Barcelona. Compete against Víctor Font, Emili Rousaud, Xavi Vilajoana, Toni Freixa, Jordi Farré, Agustí Benedito, Lluís Fernández Alá and Pere Riera.

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