send him out of Spain or to team B

Thomas Heurtel, in a Barça Basket training session.

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The situation of Thomas heurtel at Barça Basket It has cooled down after the controversy that the club starred in this week, not allowing the player to return to Barcelona with the rest of the squad when he discovered that he was negotiating with Real Madrid behind the backs of the Catalans. Days have passed and no more has been known about the issue, after Barça gave their version, although the Catalans they are clear about what they will do with the French.

As they had planned before the controversy, will facilitate the departure of Heurtel since it does not enter into Jasikevicius’ plans, and according to Eurohoops, if the conditions they want are not met, they have a plan B’.

The technical secretariat Find a destination for the base that is outside of Spain, to avoid having to face a player whose quality they do not doubt. Above all, for prevent the player from ending up at Real Madrid, as it was suspected that it would happen with the player, after knowing his negotiations with whites instead of with Fenerbahce, as was supposed.

However, in no case would they follow what the aforementioned media says is the wish of the squad and that Heurtel continues in the team, according to what the club consulted with the players.

Not being able to place you on a foreign team, Barça would relegate him to the second team to play with the subsidiary. However, the main problem that the Catalans face in this case is that they would not release their 1.2 million salary to be able to sign a reinforcement in his place.

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