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Messi didn't really want to talk to the reporters who were waiting for him when he landed at the El Prat airport from the games with Argentina. It was not just because he continues with his scoring drought with his team, but because when he got off the plane he found an unpleasant surprise: a tax inspector was waiting for him."I just arrived after 15 hours and I found a person from the Treasury there doing an inspection. Crazy...", he lamented to the media, which explained his 'snort' when they questioned him about the complaints of Antoine Griezmann's environment.

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Leo messi he has spoken publicly for the first time since at the end of summer he announced that he would continue at FC Barcelona, ​​at least one more season, until his contract ended in 2021. Although this time he has not been wet about his future, the Argentine has left several pearls in the interview with Jordi Évole and that was broadcast this Sunday 27. “After the Pope … we had to talk to HIM,” the journalist announced on social networks.

A year in which surrealism has also reached Messi and his surroundings, who, surely, never imagined that he would face the team of his loves, with a crossing of burofaxes to try to leave the club this summer. Nor was it expected that the Argentine would concede 8 goals in the quarterfinals of the Champions League in a team with Griezmann or Luis Suárez, or that in 2020 three coaches would pass by the culé bench.

In some of the fragments that have been revealed from the interview, Messi points out, precisely, to the two best coaches he’s ever had throughout his career. Without great surprises, the Barcelona captain pointed to Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique, assuring that he was “unlucky to have had them so often.” “Having them so often and so fast made me grow a lot in football and in tactical wisdom“, he indicated.

I feel everything for the Barça shirt, Barcelona is my life“He assured immediately after signing a jacket of his to the presenter.” They gave me everything and I have given them everything. It’s a love relationship with the club and with everything that has to do with Barcelona, ​​”said Messi.

Leo, the Messi and Argentina

Today I’m fine“. Messi acknowledged that after the controversy in the summer, he had a pretty bad time, reflecting that low mood also in football, although now he is well.” Because of the sports issue I did not cry, but I did suffer a lot. But for other issues I did cry“.

Regarding your march of Rosario, admitted that it was “a very difficult time.” After the difficulties, his family returned to Argentina, leaving Messi alone with his father in Barcelona. The captain remembers a time when everything could have changed, when his father offers to come back, if that’s what he wants, something that, fortunately for football, rejection.

“Doraemon drawings don’t you see why you don’t want to run into Nobita?”

In his family aspect, Messi was very close to his children. “Every night we have one of the children who come to bed with us. Sometimes we are the five of us who get into bed “, he remembers with a laugh, before reviewing the cartoons that his children see,” although now they are fascinated by YouTube. “

Thiago suffers a lot that they come and want to be his friend because he is my son. He’s very shy, like me, “says Messi. Leo also acknowledged that it has happened to him too, since his rise to fame was at the low age of 16, when he debuted with Barça, although” he is very selective with your circle. “

Don’t you see Doraemon drawings because you don’t want to run into Nobita?“Évole joked about his relationship with Bartomeu, which ended badly. For his part, Messi admitted that in the Barca dressing room he was joking with the cartoon figure and the former president.

You know how much money you have? “, asked a daring Évole, surprised by the blunt”si “from Messi.” Yes, I know, I am aware of what is happening, “added the Argentine, who also defended that footballers do not live as isolated from the world as is believed.

Maradona and his death

“When Maradona died I was at home and I got a message from my dad. It was crazy, even though we knew Diego was not well, no one could expect that to happen. Not even now I believe it, “said the ’10’ on that fateful November 25.

“I can’t imagine a funeral like Maradona’s, nor do I want to think about it, but it was normal. What Diego was, what he did for Argentina, what the Argentine feels … It was expected“, said Messi when asked if he thinks he would have a funeral like his.

Paula Dapena, during the minute of silence for Maradona, sitting on the floor.

“The day of the tribute to Maradona I had a feeling that I was going to score, although it took several parties without knowing it. It was also strange, it came out of nowhere and without looking for it “, he added. Messi was also asked about the gesture of vindication of a footballer, Paula Dapena, but he did not want to get wet.

Political and personal confessions

“Politics seems more like soccer teams, than It seems that if you belong to one you have to fight with another because it is to the death against each other. I do not think so. I seek the best for the country and that people can live well and happily, “he commented on his political profile on which he did not want to lean.

“I would resend the burofax”

I should have gone to the psychologist but I have never been. It’s hard for me to take that step, they insisted on taking that step, especially Antonella but no. I am a person who keeps everything to myself. I know that I need it from day to day and what I have to do, “confessed Messi.

I would resend the burofaxIt’s a way to make it official that you want to go. I had been telling the president for six months that I wanted to go and the president was saying no. It was my way of showing it“explained the Barça captain.” Of course I thought of the fans, it was horrible. It was not easy to decide that I was leaving the club of my life. “

In addition, Messi returned to affect the pain he suffered when his Barcelona was doubted and to make clear once again his confrontation with the previous Barcelona directive, although He preferred not to talk about what Bartomeu cheated on him, what “they were many and in several yearsHowever, he played down the controversy with I3 Ventures.

Messi and the dressing room

With respect to Luis Suarez, classified as “madness” what happened with his great friend, “because of how it was done, how he left and They gave it to a team that was going to fight for the same goals as us“.

He also spoke of his “dictatorship“, both in the national team and at Barça, where it is said that what he says is done in the dressing room.”It is very far from reality“, said Messi, who was annoyed with these comments.” Imagine if I position myself for a candidate, what are they going to say about whether I manage the club, “he also joked.

Returning to his words in the interview in which he confirmed that he was staying, and showing happy with Koeman’s work in the months he has been on the Barça bench. “He is doing very well and has brought seriousness to the team. Little by little we are growing“, said Messi.

Neymar, during a PSG match

Regarding its renewal, despite Évole’s attempts to get some clue, the Argentine did not uncover any secret more to wait until the end of the season. “And if a candidate assures you that he brings you Neymar?”he asked with the laughter of both. “That is very expensive, I would like to see with what money,” continued Messi, who was also surprised by the Brazilian’s words stating that they will play together next season.

Another player he was asked about is Griezmann, on which he insisted that has a good relationship despite speculation, and denied rumors that he did not want the French to come to Barcelona.

“I always had the illusion of being able to enjoy and have the experience of living and playing in the United States”

Finally, Évole gave him a Poisoned gift to Messi: a tourist guide from Manchester and another from Paris, for the Argentine to choose the one he wants, or both. Although he outlined a smile as he quickly glanced at the Parisian, Messi preferred the answer that the presenter suggested: none. Of course, the Argentine left a wink for MLS and United States, where he assured that he has always wanted to play and live “that experience.”

“What would you say to the Barça fan?” Asked Évole. “I don’t know if I’m going to go and if it touches me I would like to leave in the best way, but I would like to work in the club again and contribute to the club. Barcelona is bigger than any player, including me, “said Leo.

After his retirement, Messi is not clear about what he wants to do, but never taken off from football, although he does not see himself as a coach. “Maybe as a sports director and to be able to bring in the players that I like or those that can be good for the club,” he explained.

I hope we end this shitty year that we had to live well and I hope next year is better“, settled Messi.

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