Diego Costa and Atlético de Madrid reach an agreement for the player’s departure

Diego Costa and Atlético de Madrid reach an agreement for the player's departure

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He Atlético de Madrid issued an official statement announcing the agreement with Diego Costa for the termination of the contract with the player. The Spanish-Brazilian asked the club to leave him a few days ago and, after a series of negotiations, it has finished producing.

Diego Costa arrived at Atlético de Madrid at the age of 17, in 2006, and has worn the rojiblanco uniform in two stages. In that time he has disputed 215 games officers, marking 83 goals and distributing 36 assists. He also won the League (2013-14), a Copa del Rey (2013), a Europa League (2018) and two European Super Cups (2010 and 2018).

After the storm

Diego Costa’s departure was complicated when the club tried to include a clause in the contract that would oblige the forward to pay the amount of 25 million euros in the case of signing for him. Real Madrid, he Barcelona or the Seville. These three ‘vetoed’ teams would also be joined by the Europeans qualified for the round of 16 of the Champions League, with a penalty of 5 million if he ended up in any of them.

As reported The world, Diego Costa got quite angry and refused to sign that document and at Atlético de Madrid they came to consider the possibility of the player rethinking the situation and continued in the team until the end of the season, in June, when his contract would end.

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