Kiel frustrates the tenth European Cup of FC Barcelona


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Xavi Pascual’s team did not manage to end their drought in the maximum continental competition, which already stretches to five years after a match in which they did not score at their level and in which they were always in tow of a rival, hard in defense and supported by the figure of Danish goalkeeper Niklas Landin.

The Blaugrana team dreamed of lifting their tenth title, but it was Filip Jicha’s who lifted their fourth trophy, returning the throne to the Bundesliga six years later in an edition of the Champions League marked by the pandemic and that led to their ‘Final Four ‘to an unusual date.

Barça could not impose its frenetic pace with which it had submitted PSG in its semifinal nor was it able to push a Kiel who was taking a major physical beating from their tough match, with extra time included, to the limit against Veszprém. But the German team did not allow it, playing their tricks well in attack, almost always with a seven against six against which the nine-time champion did not find the most effective response, also weighed down by the poor performance of some of their figures such as Palmarsson, Cindric or Janc.

On the other hand, his rival always found offensive arguments to send on the scoreboard, with Ekberg (8 goals) and Sagosen (7) as leaders, and from there consolidate his tough 6-0 that tied an attack far from his level and to which reduced to twelve goals in the second half.

Those of Jicha were the first to break an equal start and marked by exclusions, two for a Sagosen who knew how to endure with that pressure. Landin began to make a difference in the goal and was able to escape on the scoreboard (13-9), but Barça pressed and knew how to reply to equalize at 15.

However, the final stretch of the first half was dominated by Kiel, who signed a 4-1 run to go with some comfort to reflect in the locker room (19-16). And there it was clear that he had to increase his defensive strength to control Xavi Pascual’s men who could already get close again.

With Landin getting bigger and bigger in goal and the scoring flow dropping considerably, the Bundesliga team managed their income very well, which expanded to five goals. The Danish goalkeeper stopped almost everything and only a great Aleix Gómez (10 goals) knew how to avoid him.

With a lot of effort and good defensive actions, FC Barcelona managed to keep their options and could have given them more excitement with 29-26. Aleix Gómez had a seven meters, but, curiously without Landin in the goal, he sent it to the crossbar and that was the beginning of the Blaugrana end because then Ekberg did not forgive his and it was the sentence.

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