Emili Rousaud promises a star signing if he wins the Barça elections: the desired Erling Haaland

Emili Rousaud, former institutional vice president of Barcelona. Emili Rousaud 4/10/2020

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The FC Barcelona elections do not yet have formal candidates, since they have to draw the minimum necessary signatures before January 24 when the voting will take place, but candidacies are already being presented. The last, that of a leader who already knows what it is to be in the meetings of the culés directives.

Emili rousaud, former vice president with Josep Maria Bartomeu who resigned for the ‘Barçagate’, has made the release in society of part of those who will be his trusted men if he reaches the presidency of Barcelona. Among others, it will be Josep Maria Minguella, which many users will know as a commentator for ‘Game Time’ in Cope, but which went down in history as one of the most important intermediaries for footballers.

In fact, this background has been what Rousaud has most distinguished from him. “He was able to bring Maradona, Stoichkov, Romario, Messi and with your son to Ansu fati. It has always been present. Many of the important pages of the club, he was the protagonist “, explained the pre-candidate about who will be, if they win, his sports vice president.

His contacts have allowed him to reach a preliminary agreement with Mino Raiola, one of the most mediatic and important representatives of world football, to take away the great young jewel of the moment: Erling haaland. It is not the first time that Rousaud has put a name on the table, as he is one of the men who is working to allow the return of Neymar.

Rousaud asks Barça "debug responsibilities" for the 'Barçagate'

Minguella will be the strongman of a Rousaud, and explained how his first contacts were. “I did not know Emili and one day I found out that a manager was leaving the club in unexplained circumstances. I started to think and said how many managers have resigned from the Barça managers? Being a manager is a great thing. It caught my attention that he left it. We met in Peralada and I explained to him what Barça was for me and what should be done at this club so that, as I said four years ago, it would not become a Milan. He is honest, he has things clear and it is the line that I want, “said the veteran agent.

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