Toni Freixa, candidate for the presidency of Barça, defends the club’s management in the ‘Heurtel case’

Thomas Heurtel, in a Barça Basket training session.

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Toni Freixa has positioned itself in the ‘Heurtel case’. The candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona, He welcomes the way the club acted by grounding Thomas heurtel when the basketball team returned from Istanbul, due to the player’s negotiations with Real Madrid.

When referring to the incident for which Barcelona was pointed out, the candidate did not beat around the bush. “We do not know the details of everything that happened, but from the information we have it seems very good that the club is respected”, Toni Freixa commented in the presentation of his project. “Anyone who belongs to Barça owes him loyalty and loyalty”.

Do not consider deleting sections

In addition, Freixa addressed the issue of the club’s economic situation and ruled out eliminating sections of Barça. “The solution to the club’s financial situation does not involve eliminating the sections, neither the professionals nor the amateurs ”.

At the same time, Carlos Munoz, responsible for the sections of the pre-candidacy of Freixa, wanted to expand the intentions of the project. “The first objective for the four professional sections will be that the formation of the base is the basic point”. He also added that “at least 30% of the players in all sections should come from the quarry.” Finally, he spoke of professionalizing Barça’s women’s sections through new forms of sponsorship.

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