A former Barcelona player, among the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol

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Although the end of his presidency could not have been more chaotic, there is no denying that Donald Trump has a huge following among the American people. His legacy will be forever stained by his supporters’ assault on Capitol Hill on the day Joe Biden was confirmed as the 46th tenant of the White House.

Among those supporters were people of all kinds, although more or less with the same phenotype: white people, from the less urban area of ​​the United States, some linked to far-right groups such as QAnon or Proud Boys … Among the protesters, one photo stood out above many: that of an elderly man, very tall and wearing a T-shirt with the American flag. An old acquaintance of the ACB: David wood.

At 56 years old, this former player of FC Barcelona, ​​Unicaja, Taugrés, Murcia, Canarias and Fuenlabrada (in Spain) and six other NBA teams is a fervent supporter of Trump. So much so that he picked up a gigantic horn, Viking style, he began to cheer on the masses. Many of those who remember the passage of ‘the gladiator‘For the ACB they are not surprised to see him in such an attitude.

“People are angry that their votes won’t count because illegal votes are not cast and I don’t blame them for that. I don’t support a lot of angry energy and I didn’t know any of the ones I saw on Capitol Hill tonight. I was not there to protest but to pray and see. I love you all, “he said first on his social networks.

The one that was a dreamed substitute for the historical Audie norris He relayed some scenes of the assault that, seeing that they could cause him problems with the police, he immediately deleted. “

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