Laporta will distribute his Bernabéu banner and the proceeds will go to charity purposes

Laporta, "prepared" for "restore happiness to Barcelona fans"

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The candidate for the presidency of FC BarcelonaJoan Laporta has explained this Thursday that the advertising canvas he starred in with the slogan ‘You want to see you again ‘, near the Santiago Bernabéu of Real Madrid, will be used to finance a charity project of the Barça Foundation by raising funds with the purchase of pieces of that thousand square meter banner.

“We have been thinking about it and the” desire to see you again “is the desire to return joy to the Barcelona fans. We have thought that that canvas it is cut into pieces and distributed among members and fans who want to make a contribution in return, and the proceeds will go to a solidarity project of the Barça Foundation. A good idea that will end up returning investment to the club, “he explained at a press conference.

In this sense, he clarified that it would be a “Voluntary contribution“of money, with no specific objective of the final amount collected.” It will be a voluntary contribution. Are thousand square meters of canvasIt is being worked out to see how many pieces would come out of it, “he said.

“The banner was a successful marketing action and marks the profile of our candidacy, of wanting to involve the Barcelona player in a unique project. It is essential to recover the self-esteem of being from Barça. And we want to close the circle of that action of which, I insist, we are very satisfied, “he reiterated in this regard.

On December 15, Laporta, in a media action of great depth, placed an advertisement from top to bottom of a 13-story building. ‘Willing to see you again’, reads the banner of 1000 square meters -50 meters high by 20 wide- his candidacy ‘We want Barça’, alluding to the great rival of the Blaugrana club, and who is hanging for a month, until mid-January.

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