The madness of Mateo Messi celebrating his father’s goal that triumphs on social networks

Granada vs. FC Barcelona

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Mateo Messi makes the news again for a new ‘show’, this time at home celebrating one of the two goals his father scored, of fault, in the meeting of the FC Barcelona of Saturday afternoon against the Granada in which they were imposed by 0-4.

Leo He opened his private account by putting the 0-2 and a few minutes later he consecrated his double to make the 0-3 with a real free-kick goal that sneaked under the barrier.

His wife Antonella shared on social networks their children’s celebration of the third goal in which They go crazy over their father’s artwork. As is usual when talking about the Messi family, it is his son Mateo the one who monopolized the show screaming loudly for his father’s goal.

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