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Joan Laporta campaigns for Barça with a giant canvas 200 meters from the Bernabéu.

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The race for the presidency of FC Barcelona has given this Monday the official starting gun with the presentation of supports by the candidates to confirm the validity of their respective projects. As expected, Joan Laporta He has been the one who has excelled and has done so with a great advantage over the rest of the competitors for the leadership of the club.

The former president was the first to present his endorsements at the Camp Nou offices, having collected a total of 10,257 signatures, of which at least 2,257 to make your candidacy official. Thus Laporta reaffirms his role as the favorite for the elections to be held on January 24.

“I am very grateful to myself and my campaign team. But I do not see myself as president, we have completed the first part of the game and we do not think about whether we are favorites or not, but we go with very high morale. Now it’s time to translate all this trust into votes“Laporta declared.

The one who aims to be his main rival in the fight for the presidency also did the same, Víctor Font, who long exceeded the cut with his 4,710 supports and it was one of the most acclaimed by the fans who gathered in the vicinity of the facilities.

The one who until the presentation of Laporta was the favorite and the most active in the race, wanted to thank “all the people who during these days have gone to the headquarters or have gone to one of the more than 200 collection points”.

The next candidate who collected the most signatures was Toni Freixá, one of the eternal candidates for the presidency, who presented 2,821 endorsements and whose candidacy is still pending validation of the necessary ones to pass the cut. However, Freixá was confident that this is the case, ensuring that their signatures they are “completely clean”.

Finally, Emili Rousaud presented 2,510 supports, also staying on the tightrope, although without complexes. The one who was vice president in the board of Bartomeu, denounced after his resignation an alleged corruption plot within the club. One of the most recognizable faces of your candidacy is that of Josep Maria Minguella, former player representative.

Both assured that, to pass the court and validate their candidacy “They will present names and surnames that will not deny them“.” The goals that are scored at the end are always the decisive and the most important, “Rousaud joked about his more discreet role in the race.

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Five candidacies do not pass the cut

Jordi Farré, Agustí Benedito, Xavi Vilajoana, Lluís Fernández Alà and Pere Riera were left at the gates of the fight for the presidency of FC Barcelona by not reaching the aforementioned minimum of 2,257 signatures. All of them except for Benedito presented their insufficient support in “an act of transparency,” as Vilajoana described.

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