A colossal Ter Stegen stops Real and puts Barça in the final of the Super Cup

A colossal Ter Stegen stops Real and puts Barça in the final of the Super Cup

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Without Messi, who did not play due to injury, Ter Stegen emerged. A gigantic performance by the German goal, crowned with two penalties stopped in the decisive round, put Barça in the final of the Super Cup (1-1, 2-3) after an agonizing match that was very close to taking Real Sociedad in the extension, but in which he found the inspiration of the German goalkeeper.

Real came out with clear ideas and a daring approach: they put pressure on Barça and did not let him develop his game, almost locking him in his field. As a result of their dominance, Portu with a somewhat deflected shot and Le Normand with a header circled the goal for the Donostiarras.

Barça was lost and Dembélé and Pedri came to the rescue. The Frenchman was a nightmare constantly facing from the right wing and the canary became the owner and lord of the game with his tremendous quality. In the absence of Messi, the very young Spanish player threw himself behind Barça.

The passing of the minutes favored Barça, who warned with two shots from Braithwaite, until a play by the Danish made Griezmann enter the area and center for De Jong, head, to score.

The passage through the changing rooms was good for the Sheriff’s men, who soon tied. A center from the left of Oyarzábal hit De Jong’s hand, separated, and in the maximum penalty the San Sebastian striker himself, always infallible from eleven meters, put the tie.

The goal revitalized Real, but despite their dominance and their best game, the arrivals were from Barça. De Jong had it, but when he was going to shoot Remiro, Gorosabel anticipated, then Braithwaite with the head and finally Dembélé in a shot that missed close to the post.

Without goals, the game went into extra time with a carousel of changes that did not change the sign of the game: more Real domination, better Barça arrivals. Zaldúa forced Ter Stegen to show off and Dembélé wasted a three against two with a too weak kick.

The final stage was crazy, with very clear chances for both teams. Griezmann had it in a volley that Remiro blocked, and then two starts by Januzaj almost ended in a goal, one with a hurried shot by Oyarzábal, another in a shot by the Belgian against which Ter Stegen excelled. But the clearest was from Januzaj himself when extra time was dying, with a direct free kick that crashed into the post … after touching Ter Stegen, the hero of the clash.

On penalties, the German got bigger and stopped the first two penalties for Bautista and … the infallible Oyarzábal. Willian José crashed the ball into the post and despite Griezmann’s failure, Riqui Puig put Barça in the final.

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