The Barça elections of 24-E, postponed due to the worrying data of the pandemic in Catalonia

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The presidential elections of FC Barcelona, scheduled for Sunday, January 24, have been officially postponed due to the current situation of the pandemic. The club’s Management Board, chaired by Carles Tusquets, has held a meeting with the Generalitat, in which they have asked for a decree that would allow the use of postal voting for these elections.

According to various media, such as Catalunya Ràdio or RAC1, the meeting between the club and the Catalan authorities ended with the resigned acceptance by FC Barcelona of the inability to vote on January 24.

This was confirmed hours later by the Blaugrana club, in a statement in which they confirm that the main argument that the Generalitat has given is precisely that they want to limit travel to the maximum, something that would not occur in the event that the elections were held. January 24th.

The elections to the Generalitat itself have also been postponed until May 30. Everything indicates that the Barça elections will be held on March 7.

Full statement from FC Barcelona

Ballots for the elections to the Parliament of 21D in Catalonia (ARCHIVE)

“This Friday, January 15, the Government and FC Barcelona have held a virtual working meeting to address the holding of the elections for president and Board of Directors of the sports entity in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the meeting, the Government has transferred to the Club that lThe current epidemiological situation does not make it possible to authorize the displacement outside the municipality for members who do not have their electoral roll within their municipal term on January 24, given the high mobility that this would entail.

For its part, The Club has verified that it is impossible to hold the elections on the scheduled date due to the mobility restrictions decreed by the Government in the current context of a pandemic, so the date of the elections must be delayed.

In this sense, the Club has asked the Generalitat to assess the possibility of modifying the current sports legislation to enable the vote by mail on the new date of the elections, a request that the Government has promised to study.

On the part of the Government, the meeting was led by the Secretary General of the Department of the Presidency, Meritxell Masó; the Secretary General of the Department of Health, Marco Ramentol; the Secretary General of the Department of the Interior, Beth Abad; the General Secretary for Sports and Physical Activity, Gerard Figueras, who have been accompanied by managerial and technical positions from the respective departments.

On behalf of FC Barcelona, ​​the delegation was led by the Chairman of the Management Committee, Carles Tusquets, the member’s Catalan Ombudsman, Joan Manuel Trayter, and the CEO of the Club, Oscar Grau, accompanied by other managers and executives of the Club. “

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