“After my father he is the most important person in the world”


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Eder Sarabia, the new coach of FC Andorra Second B, project economically led by Gerard Piqué, highlighted the figure of the Blaugrana central defender and his former pupil at FC Barcelona last season with Quique Setién as head coach.

“I was surprised by the involvement that Gerard Piqué has with the FC Andorra project. This week he called me and we were talking and I was struck by the involvement and knowledge he has of the team and also in the category ”, recognized in his official presentation the Basque coach, Eder Sarabia.

Sarabia signs with the Principality club until 2023 and it will have Jon López and Manu Torres on its coaching staff. This will be Eder Sarabia’s first experience as head coach on a professional bench after being second to Quique Setien in Las Palmas, Betis and last season at FC Barcelona. He himself was moved when he recalled the importance of Quique Setién in his career.

“I want to remember him. In fact, I get very excited when talking about him. After my father he is the most important person in the world. He is much more than a friend and the most honest person I have ever met. If I am here it is thanks to him ”.

For Eder Sarabia, the experience with Quique Setién is very valuable. “We have had incredible moments. I have grown and learned a lot by his side. I have spoken with him and he has supported me in this new experience that I am starting. He will be one of my main critics. Our paths part, but who says if we will get together again. If you have given me advice? He has given them to me every day ”.

The 40-year-old Bilbao coach He retired from soccer at 24 and later began a career as a coach at the Cruces junior category, then at Danok Bat and from there to youth Villarreal. He is characterized by being a technician with very clear ideas, a lover of the combination game and also a strong character.

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