“Barça has not paid me yet, we are waiting”

Eder Sarabia, in Barça's game against Madrid at the Bernabéu.

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Quique Setien intervened by phone in The spar during the interview to Eder Sarabia, his assistant in the FC Barcelona, to congratulate the now coach of the Andorra. The coach analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the signing of the team from Gerard Piqué and he took the opportunity to remember that Barça still has not paid him after leaving the club. “Barça has not paid me yet, we are waiting”.

“[A Eder Sarabia] I’ve known him since he was a child, when he was with his father playing for Logroñés. I have had a very good relationship with him, I have seen him grow. There has been more than a professional relationship”Setién commented, before indicating which path Sarabia should follow to succeed on the benches. “What has been going well for him throughout his life is what he has to do.”

Setién knows the new Andorra coach perfectly and does not doubt his future. “Because of his personality and understanding of the game, I have no doubt that he will be a great coach. This step that he has taken now I sensed that he was going to arrive because it is the natural law, I have been very grateful for what he has given me because it has made me better. As I suppose he will have collected things that I have, we have given each other feedback ”, he explains, making it clear that there has always been a relationship between them beyond the professional. “Hthere has been a sincere relationship and friendship, regardless of the professional relationship. We have eaten together every day, we have had good and not so good experiences. This is like when he leaves you a girlfriend, that you love her very much. You have to accept it. Now he has a beautiful project that he has already found for him”.


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