a total of 1,176 million, of which 196 are in unpaid transfers

Messi, during the match between Barça and Dinamo Kiev

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The Barcelona’s economic situation It is critical, as has been revealed by the club’s financial report, which has been accessed by various media.

In gross, Barcelona owes a total of 1,173 million euros, of which you must pay 730 in the short term. The biggest problem is the outstanding repayments and transfers, in addition to requested credits, to the point that 266 million (of which 90 are to the fund Goldman sachs) must be paid in June 2021. The guarantee they put on the table for these credits is the branch that carries the club merchandising: in case of not paying, it would become the property of the creditors.

The program ‘Què T’hi Jugues’, by SER Catalunya, affirms that Barcelona has a negative working capital (the club’s liquidity does not cover all its debt) still of 602 million, something that deepens even more in this crisis . That is to say: if Barcelona sold all its assets, it would still not cover all its debt.

The situation is so critical that Barcelona is counting on the public come back to the stadium in february, because if not, the bills don’t come out. They calculate income at the Camp Nou of about 56 million, if they have at least 25% capacity in February and 50% in May.

The biggest problem is that lack of income has caused the wage bill to skyrocket. According to these accounts, which still belong to the last years of the presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu, in salaries Barcelona is spent 74% of what you put in a box. The balance of the club implies that, technically, is bankrupt, although they still have a little margin.

Part of the debt they have is in signings. The work of the culé sports management has not given sufficient revenues in the form of trophies and they have been confirmed as literally ruinous investments. So, the club must pay 196 millionAmong which stand out 40 to Liverpool for Coutinho, 48 to Ajax for De Jong, or 5 to Atlético de Madrid for preferential rights over various footballers.


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