Barça’s affectionate celebration of Griezmann’s goal with the spectacular new LaLiga plan

Barça's affectionate celebration of Griezmann's goal with the spectacular new LaLiga plan

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The FC Barcelona, oblivious to media noise generated by the revelation of Messi’s contract, signed a good game against Athletic, especially in the first half and the three points stayed at the Camp Nou thanks to Griezmann’s decisive goal that made it 2-1 final.

A bit with a meaningful celebration, with the whole team hugged in a pineapple that was masterfully captured by LaLiga cameras in the first person.

“Messi is a legend”

At the end of the game, Griezmann attended the Movistar + cameras and analyzed the gameor, as well as the news of the weekend, revealed by ‘El Mundo’.

“Messi is a legend,” he stated bluntly. “We are enjoying it,” he added. “There are many games left and we have to do our thing, we must try to win all we have left and then we will see,” the French forward told Movistar +.

Asked about celebrating his goal He replied that they are “a team, sometimes you play and sometimes you don’t, but everyone is part of this.”

In addition, Griezmann praised his compatriot Dembélé, of whom he said that “he is very well, he is taking care of himself and works a lot off the field”.

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