Ansu Fati, ruled out for the Champions League tie against PSG

Ansu Fati.

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The rehabilitation process of Ansu fati it has become complicated and its recovery is slower than expected. The player of the FC Barcelona It was operated three months ago and the doctors still do not want to set a return date, although it is already ruled out for the elimination of Champions League against him PSG.

Neither the doctors nor the player want to set deadlines to avoid anxiety about returning to the field. The priority at the club is that Ansu Fati is 100% before playing again, or even come to consider it, because it would not make sense to rush with a player of only 18 years and a lot ahead.

What is certain for the moment is that Ansu Fati will not be with Barça in the Champions League tie against PSG. The return leg will be in Paris on March 10, just when the four months of sick leave initially indicated by the doctors would have been completed (was injured on November 7, 2020).

According to AS, Ansu Fati’s knee has doctors worried, as it swells very easily every time the workloads for the player are increased. For this reason You are taking more calm than expected in the recovery of the joint, without completely ruling out having to go through the operating room again.

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