Learning Catalan, not doing doping or not riding a jet ski … the curious clauses of Messi’s contract

Juventus thrashed at the Camp Nou and took first place in Barça's umpteenth European debacle

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The exclusive to ‘El Mundo’ on Leo Messi’s contract he continues to shed light on the link between the Barça captain and the club. A revelation that has caused a lot of excitement especially due to the amount of money that the player has entered, up to 555,237,619 euros in four years.

The aforementioned newspaper continues to publish details about the contract and this Tuesday the attention series of clauses as rules that FC Barcelona imposed in the document.

From not riding a jet ski to not incurring doping or don’t bet a lot of money, going through a particularly striking: integrate into Catalan society.

Traditionally, FC Barcelona has insisted that its players, whatever their nationality, learn the catalan language, providing themselves the necessary means for this purpose.

With the mandate of Bartomeu especially, the Barcelona club has been closely linked to the current political situation in Catalonia, openly positioning itself in favor of a referendum for independence.

Precisely on this matter is one of the clauses of the contract and that is that the ’10’ was free to disassociate himself from Barça in case of a situation of independence from Catalonia and, therefore, in case the team was integrated into a local league.

Oblivious to the media noise

Despite the commotion generated by the information revealed by ‘El Mundo’, Leo Messi has not pronounced on the matter neither personally nor through your communication team.

The Argentine played this Sunday in the Barça League match against Athletic and was one of the most active in a great first part of the culé team and even he was the architect of the first goal of Koeman’s team, completely oblivious to the rude media generated as a result of the publication.

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