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Ibai Llanos with Marcos Llorente

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Ibai Llanos received Gerard Piqué to your channel Twitch, in the new section Chatting quietly with …, and exceeded 123,000 viewers at the time of the beginning of the interview.

The streamer warned before the talk that he was a little nervous about the fact that all the Spanish press was going to come in to see the interview and stressed several times that “I am not a sports journalist”, so that no one would feel disappointed with the result. Further, Ibai announced that the next LaLiga match he will broadcast will be Real Madrid-Valencia.

Despite the fact that the interview was presented as “a relaxed talk, about life,” as Ibai himself said, the beginning of the conversation could not begin in any other way than talking about football. One of the first topics was the tense moment last summer, when Messi announced that he wanted to leave the FC Barcelona. “Some events happened that ended in the best possible way because he stayed,” said Piqué. “Right now I see him very happy, I see that he really wants to win, as always, and having him by his side is a guarantee of success”.

Regarding the league title, Piqué made it clear to the streamer that “you have to trust Barça.” The FC Barcelona player made it clear that the team still has triplet options, although Llanos seemed to give the domestic competition to Atlético de Madrid. “What happens that Atleti wins 5-0 every game?”, contested the Barcelona defender.

When discussing the issue of the Spanish National Team, Ibai asked Piqué about his relationship with players from other teams, to which the center-back made it clear that he has cordial treatment with all of them. “We talk little about football. They talk about everything a bit. From being on TV it seems that we are from another planet, but we have the same concerns as anyone. There is a lot of talk about football, but we spend many hours together in the rallies, especially in the national team ”.

He only has good memories from precisely that time. “With the Selection I have had a great time. We were like a family. I can only speak highly of all my experience. It is true that a debate was generated due to the political issue, but the positive thing was that I was motivated to show everyone who whistled that I was the best. I played very well with the National Team. I was very motivated to show that I really cared. I am very proud“.

Piqué’s formula for success

Piqué also spoke about his management of success and ambition as a mechanism not to relax. “I think about what else I can get. It is always the ambition to try to be better in everything. As a person, as a footballer, as a businessman “he explained. “Xavi always said that the more you work the luckier you have.”

A phrase that Ibai took advantage of to bring up the famous 2-8 conceded by Barça. “It hurts a lot, but that is part of life. That is what life is, lifting the sextet one year and another to be slapped because you don’t know where it came from. And that happens at work, in the family and in everything, “said the player. “Failure is part of life. In this country, when you fail, people are waiting for you to blow you up. There are media that treat you very well, but there are always some that are in single file waiting for you. People where they succeed the most is watching you sink”.

And it is that Piqué is a player who is more than used to criticism, as he admitted during the talk. “You can always accept sports criticism. It’s an opinion and it’s totally respectable. The problem is when we start to touch issues off the field of play. Politics, being a businessman, at a family or sentimental level … I would like to be valued only for my sports performance ”.

Eder Sarabia, in Barça's game against Madrid at the Bernabéu.

There came a time when the tables were turned and it was the footballer who began to ask questions to the streamer. “I read that you want to buy a soccer team too?”, Told him. “Know that one thing is to buy it and another is to keep it, especially in Second B, because I read that you wanted to buy Murcia ”, the Barça player warned him. “I’m telling you so you don’t jump into the pool and there is no water.”

Bartomeu and his management of FC Barcelona

Piqué confessed that the captains’ negotiations with the president Josep Maria Bartomeu During the start of the Covid-19 pandemic it was not easy. “When you escape from these problems and delegate, everything becomes very complicated. A mountain starts to build, more problems arise, and things get worse. Sometimes you can annoy people, but you have to make decisions so that the club goes to fruition “, explained the player. “There were specific moments in which perhaps a little more leadership and face was needed. You have to have the skills to lead a club like Barça, which has a turnover of 1,000 kilos. It is an ocean liner ”.

This led to talk about the elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona. “I really hope the partner votes for the one they think is the best. All three candidates are competent and whoever comes out is going to do very well. You have to look to the future. Looking at the past is only to see the mistakes, so let’s continue ”, asked Piqué.

“Florentino Pérez has a quality that in Josep María Bartomeu was not the specialty of the house”said the footballer when Ibai brought up the president of Real Madrid in the conversation.

“Being a footballer is really cool, but we always want to play football”

Piqué’s less soccer side appeared when Ibai led the talk to less competitive topics and more of relationships with his teammates throughout his career. “There are characters that make you mad. I always put the example of Jordi Alba or Álex Vidal, who give life to the dressing room. They give you life. Having a united wardrobe that also has a good time is cool“declared the central.

“Being a soccer player is the host, but people think that going out to the field is a match between friends, but no. It is really cool to be a footballer, but not every day we want to play soccer when you’ve been 20 or 25 years old, “he confessed.” It’s a job. They are not singles vs. married parties. “

In this sense, Piqué had no problem breaking a spear in favor of Gareth Bale. “Bale, sportingly, was mistreated a little. You may like golf and a soccer player may have hobbies. From then on he was mistreated a bit.

I hammered after football

Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona player.

“In Cosmos we are building something very nice. We are dedicated to managing and investing in sports. I like basketball, tennis, American football … From there, with the experience we have, We are creating a company that looks very good, with a magnificent team and with which we have a great time“, Piqué explained about his future plans once he hangs up his boots. “When I retire, I will do it at Barça”, he assured.

Much more than football

Something similar happens with the work of content creators, something that Piqué admitted that he had a hard time understanding. “I have always tried to be up to date and understand everything. But this of the streamers and all this has cost me. It has not been overnight to understand it perfectly, “said the footballer.” There must be something behind it because people are not stupid. I started to see content from you and other people, and sometimes I have broken down watching games of Among us and things that I didn’t even know existed. “

The most personal Piqué

Ibai got deep and wanted to meet Gerard Piqué more personally. “Are you afraid of death?” He asked. “When I was six months or a year old, at my grandparents’ summer house, I fell from a height of about three meters. I went to the emergency room … There I saw death, and from there I am no longer afraid of it“, joked the footballer.

To the question of how many bad days he has per year, Piqué answered him more seriously. “I feel privileged. I wake up every morning and I am fascinated with everything that will come to me“, replied the defender.” If I faced it otherwise I would be an idiot. Every day I really enjoy everything I have. “

Speaking of The beach bar, Ibai took the opportunity to say publicly that Edu Aguirre has him blocked on Twitter. “Well, talk about it. If he doesn’t let you sleep at night, talk about it and have them explain it to you. But do you think it’s the only one who has you blocked on Twitter?”

Internet and social networks

Piqué, FC Barcelona player

“I guess the younger you are the more involved you are [en Internet]. I am very active on Twitter. You go in there and in five minutes you find out how the day has gone. It is the newspaper of the future“Piqué confessed when Ibai asked him about social networks and his connection with viral trends. In addition, Piqué admitted that he manages his Twitter account completely.”I take responsibility for everything that comes out on my account“.

To finish, Ibai wanted to review with Piqué a compilation of his biggest sporting mistakes. “I thought you would put videos in which I look good, tactical theme … And you take the fails. Okay, pass them … “, joked the Barça player, who justified each and every one of the plays that the streamer. “The one with the ‘segadiña’ is constant,” Ibai told him. “But why don’t you put all the ones I cut?” The footballer entered the rag, who defended himself saying that “falling to the ground is not a humiliation. Young people today, you lay on the ground and think it’s a humiliationAnd so one action after another. “This video is very long.”

Before leaving, Gerard Piqué asked Ibai his opinion on the matter of Andorra and the youtubers, to which Llanos jokingly replied with “our time is running out.” Finally the streamer he got wet, once again, saying that he will always stay in Barcelona, ​​although “everyone is free to live wherever they want.” Piqué was no less and also gave his opinion. “We live in a country that [en cuestión de los impuestos] it is one of the best. Each one who pays what he has to pay because we all benefit as a society. That does not mean that if someone does not want to pay or prefers to live in Andorra that they should. Here we prejudge others, but each one with his life can do whatever he wants. ”

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