A Barça candidate uses the talk between Ibai and Piqué to campaign and the player forces him to retract

Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué on Twitch.

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Gerard Piqué is one of the most charismatic players in the world FC Barcelona and, aware of its pull, Victor Font, candidate for the Culé presidency, tried to get electoral revenue from his talk with Ibai Llanos.

Specifically, Font highlighted two phrases from the talk: one in which Piqué asked that the member vote “within the limitations”, and another in which he indicated that “look to the future, look to the past only to learn from mistakes”. The latter was pointed out both by the official account of Font’s candidacy and by this from his own personal account.

In doubt that this message could be interpreted as tacit support for Font’s candidacy, Piqué asked him to delete it. “Victor, with all due respect, these words have nothing to do with what you are trying to convey in this tweet. I ask you to remove it and that you do not use my image for your benefit. Thank you”.

Tweet by Víctor Font and Gerard Piqué
Tweet by Víctor Font and Gerard Piqué
TW @ GerardPique3
Ibai Llanos and Piqué, in their live interview.

Font’s reaction was to obey, which for many was read as a demonstration of Piqué’s tacit power in the Blaugrana world. Not surprisingly, it is assumed that the central is a more than probable future president of Barcelona.

“Gerard, we have used this reflection of yours because it is in our line of thought. We did not want to create any problems for you. We remove it. We hope to see you again soon in the field. a hug, “Font replied before deleting the controversial tweet.


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