The millionaire mansion where Ibai Llanos lives was the residence of soccer player Samuel Eto’o

Ibai Llanos and Piqué, in their live interview.

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The mansion where he lives and works streamer Ibai Llanos, along with his companions, left everyone impressed the day the young man toured her in a YouTube video. Now thanks to Jordi Évole, it is known that the house is the same in which the footballer lived Samuel eto’o during his time at FC Barcelona and that the rental price is 15,000 euros per month.

Évole had a meeting with Ibai is the mansion and explained how he lived the experience in Cadena SER. “It was a bit like the one who goes to a zoo, to see species that you don’t know and that you want to see what they do, how they move and why they attract so much attention”commented the journalist, referring to the age difference and generational change with streamers.

Évole himself was the one who brought up the price of 15,000 euros of rent that Ibai and company pay, although as the streamer in your video of the house tour, the monthly payment is paid by the sponsors with whom it has.

The mansion, in which Eto’o lived is in Cerdanyola del Vallès, located between Sabadell and Barcelona. Have basketball court, paddle tennis court with official measures, disco, several jacuzzis, saunas, swimming pool, cinema, disco … Each of the streamers It has its own room and bathroom (Ibai has its own Jacuzzi), as well as its own personal box to do its live broadcasts on the Internet. A real madness for footballers and, now, streamers.

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