Competition opens file to Piqué for his complaints about the referees in an interview with DJMaRiiO

Piqué and Vinícius argue in the Classic.

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Gerard Piqué Y Manuel Vizcaino, president of the Cadiz, have been filed by Competition for their criticism of the arbitration of The league. The Integrity department of the RFEF A few days ago he valued suspending the player of the FC Barcelona, for the moment, finish opening a file.

Piqué conducted an interview with him youtuber DJMaRiiO, in which he left pearls of the type “The last league is the most grotesque thing I have experienced in my life. If we compare between Madrid and Barça there is a lot of difference “, referring to the referees received by the Whites in the last stretch of the competition during the past season.

In addition, the Blaugrana defender mentioned a certain link between members of the LaLiga refereeing body with him Real Madrid. “The other day there were statements from a former referee, Iturralde González, I believe, who said that 85% of the referees are from Madrid, how are they not going to whistle in favor of Madrid? Even unconsciously, how are they not going to shoot more than one side than the other?

In the case of Manuel Vizcaíno, the Cadiz team president wrote an open letter referring to the refereeing of his team in San Sebastián, which now brings him consequences. “We cannot speak, we cannot express our opinions or raise our voices, because they sanction us. We cannot remove the team from the field because they would take away the points. We cannot challenge a referee because it is prohibited ”, read the text of Vizcaíno. “We can only remain silent in the face of the injustice that, day after day, we have been suffering from the errors of the VAR. That system that one day decides one thing and the next the opposite ”.

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