“My father would vote for Laporta”

Víctor Font is the only one of the three candidates for the Barça presidency who has never been part of the club, but his name has been known in his environment for a long time after many years of preparation for the candidacy and seems the great alternative to Joan Laporta , the favorite. This 48-year-old businessman from Granollers presents himself with illustrious names such as Toni Nadal, Dr. Ramón Cugat and Antoni Bassas and with the advantage of having, as he guarantees, Xavi Hernández at the head of the sports project.

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Jordi Cruyff It is all a myth of the barcelonismo by inheritance of his father. Johan He was everything in the Blaugrana club, and that is why any ancestry or memory towards him can determine a turn in the elections that will be held soon.

But, in addition, in the next elections, Jordi’s name is linked to the candidacy of Victor Font. Although the former footballer and current coach of Chinese Shenzhen denied that he was already committed to him, the president pointed to him as the sports director of his project in which Xavi will go coach if he wins Toni Freixa Y Joan Laporta, the other two candidates for the March 7 elections

Although he is allegedly with Font, Jordi Cruyff has made some statements that play totally against him. It was in an interview in ‘El Larguero’, in which they questioned him about who would his father vote for.

“The answer is very clear, I think Laporta. They have got along well, they have collaborated on many occasions, also on a personal level for many years. I am quite clear that I would vote for Laporta. Always also, not only now, also before and tomorrow, “he said.

Joan Laporta, candidate for the Barça presidency.

These statements have fallen like a ‘bomb’ in Font’s candidacy. Implicitly, it has been read that Jordi Cruyff is pushing the vote of the partners towards Laporta, because he also praised his previous stage at the head of the club.

“Barça fans want to go back to the good times. Laporta made daring decisions. People want to feel those sensations from the past again. The banner was clear,” he said at another point in the same interview, asked about the now famous giant canvas next to the Bernabéu.

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