“Someone said that with whom he had tied”

Mbappé and Messi, in the Barcelona-PSG

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The great game of Mbappe before him FC Barcelona served for Junior Minguella it was brought out that the Catalan team rejected the player in 2017. A detail that the Frenchman surely had in mind when it came to shining against a Barça that did not want him in their ranks at the time.

“Mbappé was offered to Barça in 2017”, explained Minguella in The Great Match of COPE. “Someone even said that against whom Mbappé had drawn”. In addition, the agent confessed that “We had the agreement closed at 130 million euros plus 25 million in incentives”, which would become a salary “Between 10 and 16 million net”.

Junior Minguella, who was the one who brought Messi to FC Barcelona at the time, delved a little deeper into the matter. “We knew that Neymar he had an agreement with PSG and he was going there ”, he explained. “Neymar, probably due to a contractual bonus, had not warned that he was leaving and the club said they did not want to take any steps before Neymar left”. When the Brazilian left Barça, doubts arose about the type of player who wanted to join the team. “They think they are doing better, because of the type of game, Dembelé than Mbappé”. In addition, the agent confirmed that it was a closed operation, which could have materialized instantly.

On the possibilities of Real Madrid to sign Mbappé on that date, Minguella was also clear. “Madrid was not entirely clear about going [a por Mbappé] at that time because I had no place in the template. And, in fact, Kyliam preferred to come to Barcelona because at that moment Neymar leaves and he sees the gap. On the other hand, in Madrid there were Bale, Cristiano, Benzema, etc “.

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