“Let’s not think that Rafael is Mother Teresa and the Barça players Vicente Ferrer”

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Toni Nadal is one of the strong bets of Victor Font ahead of the elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona. The uncle of Rafael Nadal and brother of Miguel Ángel, who played for Barça in the 90s, has a very particular point of view of sport and the athlete. As he told ACE in an interview, he would occupy the position of head of the club’s behavior area.

I have never pretended that my nephew [Rafa Nadal] It was an example for society, but at least it was not a bad example. Barcelona is much more. It is followed by millions of people. The behavior of the players sets trends ”, explains Toni Nadal. “If one in his private life wants to do something nonsense, I understand it, but if you represent a club, you should not,” he continues.

That is precisely what Víctor Font wants from him. “He explained to me that he believes that we would have to seek a model of behavior of all, from top to bottom, and he believed that I can be a person who does a job in that area ”, says Toni Nadal. “I trained Rafa to be a great tennis player, but I always thought that the best way for him to be a great tennis player is for him to be the right person”.

The difference is that Toni Nadal would have to deal with a group of players and a coaching staff in which there are very strong personalities, such as that of Gerard Piqué. However, that wouldn’t be a problem either. “I’ve been able to talk to him sometime. Piqué is a great player and I stay at that. If it happens that Víctor Font is the president, which I hope that is the case and we are increasingly heading towards that, the time would come [de hablar con él]”Nadal declares. “Let’s not think that Rafael is Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Barça players have to be Vicente Ferrer. Normal. Each one has their own way of being and their way of understanding the world ”.

Precisely comparisons with Rafa Nadal would be the order of the day if the time came, including one with Leo messi. “They can be compared because the two are having a very long successful career. They asked me who was the best athlete. I don’t know if there is an athlete in history better than Messi, because it is in a global sport, which the whole world sees ”. In addition Toni Nadal goes even further and puts him at the height of the very Michael Jordan. “He’s up there with Jordan… With a few. For one to stay up there for so long, many circumstances have to be met. The first is commitment to what they are doing. Messi and Rafael have that commitment. To continue being there, to want to play … And then Messi has stratospheric conditions ”.

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